We are made of star stuff.

I remember getting into the fitness industry, full of excitement and enthusiasm to help people improve their lives. After a while, I became slightly disillusioned by the lack of discussion on mental wellbeing, self-improvement and overall wellbeing in all aspects of life - in favour of promoting unrealistic transformations and purely aesthetic results.

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I've always been a bookworm and fascinated with the universe. As a result, I began expanding my reading - eager to learn more about philosophy, spirituality, and science, and almost instantly became enthralled and mesmerised by the idea that we are all one - rather, that we come from the same sky, stars, and cosmos that created us in such miraculous circumstances so long ago. It was with this that a sort of 'lightbulb' appeared right over my head. I realised how amazing we are - bursting full of light, potential, and power, we can empower ourselves physically and mentally to be the best versions of ourselves possibly. I decided from then on to combine everything I learnt from these amazing thinkers and transfer these life lessons and methods of empowerments to help my clients - training is just the base of everything that we do, think, and feel - a bad training session for instance indicates something deeper going on in your life. It's about combining the physical and mental health, as they both interweave with one another.

The Cosmic Movement seeks to incorporate a fully immersive experience to your fitness journey - intellectual, philosophical, holistic and empowering as well as promoting sports science, evidence-based training and nutrition, and human psychology to help ensure people not only get the best results possible, but also help improve their lives outside of the gym.

About Sophie

The nerdiest personal trainer you'll meet. Unashamedly.

Having grown disillusioned with both the fitness and modelling industry and their lack of substance in areas, I decided to create a haven where people can access not only scientifically sound advice to reach their fitness goals, but also discussions aiming to improve their mental wellbeing, spiritual growth and self-improvement overall.

It was through my own fitness and mental health journey that I realised the connection between physical and mental health is undeniable, and wanted to create a brand that focused on empowering individuals with the tools in life to help them cope with the stresses of life - through an intellectual, holistically-driven sense, but also by incorporating movement and nutrition to best support their efforts. 

A few years ago, I went through a major depressive episode which placed me in the darkest place of my life yet.

Yeah, life kinda sucked back then. Or, at least, I perceived that it did.

I realised then that there was such a stigma towards mental health and self-improvement. That wanting to improve yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually was seen as woo-woo or a sign of weakness. I then saw the connection between my wellbeing, self-confidence and clawing myself out the hole and physical fitness. It was then that my other lightbulb moment came - I knew I wanted to try and help people become the best versions of themselves that they ould be.

I created the Cosmic Movement in the hopes to raise awareness of mental health conversations, the science behind spirituality, and how movement, nutrition, and overall mental health can be the foundation to taking huge leaps and bounds in your own life.

I hope you're as excited as I am to get totally lost in the rich abundance of our lives, and to explore our minds and souls as well as test the limits of our physical fitness!