What Made you start the cosmic movement?

The Cosmic Movement came about from my own immersion into the world of mindfulness, mental health, philosophy, science and spirituality. Phew, a mouthful! As somebody who adores cosmology and is fascinated by astrophysics and the science behind our universe, I kept seeing the connection between self-development/spirituality and overall wellbeing with physical fitness (including the science behind it) and was saddened to see the industry ignoring such a key part of people's health. I felt extremely passionate about aiming to educate and empower people with methods of self-care that weren't patronising or mediocre, and instead gave them an overwhelming sense of gratitude and excitement for living in our amazing universe - and, consequently, becoming a fitter, more well-rounded person through this way of living.

What exactly is it, and what is its ethos?

I wanted to create something that addressed different issues of self-care as well as promoting evidence-based, scientific means of achieving one's fitness goals. I wanted to create something that promoted mental health and fitness in a different light - teaching people to empower themselves, take care of themselves, think for themselves and develop a sense of wonder and gratitude for the world we live in. Too often we get told what a scary, nasty place it is to live in. I wanted to challenge that, and teach people to cultivate a sense of wonder and gratitude in order to work hard, have a healthy mind, and reach the goals they've always wanted. In the words of Elon Musk: "I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary."

Well, that's great, but How is fitness connected to self-care/staring at the stars?

We go through life unaware of our connection to this beautiful universe, which can sometimes make our day-to-day routines - including that of going to the gym - seem nihilistic and meaningless. When we realise how humbling - yet at the same time, so amazing - to be part of the star stuff that once created our very universe, we can realise how inadequate and silly our fears and limitations may seem. We realise how endless the opportunities are for mental and intellectual development are, as well as achieving our fitness goals - because we are quite literally born to shine. When people realise how special human beings are in the light of evolution, both cosmically and biologically speaking, they can apply this science in the most holistic way possible; to nurture themselves, mentally, spiritually, and subsequently, physically - we'll be far more inclined to look after and appreciate our health through living a life more 'in the now'. We want to push ourselves in the gym; stick to a disciplined routine; treat ourselves like an athlete or amazing specimen rather than just an individual seeking weight loss or muscle gain. Fitness becomes a spiritual experience through thinking about our human condition - rather than just a superficial one.



What made you want to get into the fitness industry?

As clichéd as the answer is...I wanted to help people! I think having a foundation of health is absolutely key to leading an amazing life. Not just physical health, but creating a lifestyle which supports all your dreams, goals, personal circumstances and humanity as an individual; taking all things like stress, sleep, nutrition as well as mental health and spiritual development all into consideration. I think that we have so many amazing people ready to change the world, unlock their potential - but if their health isn't in check, their path to success will be marred with difficulty. I wanted to be that person to be the 'kickstart' so to speak to their journey - if they are good to themselves, they'll in turn be a better person to others, and so on. It creates an amazing domino effect.


Why do you think science and philosophy are so important for our mental health?

Both of these fields of interest explore the human condition (in different ways, I may add) in such a way that we are able to learn how to think, learn how to deal with stress and look at the universe in a state of child-like wonder. It also enhances our cognitive abilities, reduces 



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