5 Minute Workouts - Better Than Nothing, After All

Feel daunted by training in the gym? Don't be - five minutes can sometimes be all you need to feel fitter and healthier for the day ahead.

Don't be put off by people telling you that if you don't spend an hour training, you may as well not at all. Sure, it's super important to be consistently active for longer periods of the day (studies show that moderate exercise, such as power walking or light cycling, for at least 20 minutes a day, is essential to improve our health and wellbeing, as well reduce our risk of so many chronic diseases.) But, life happens, and there will always be exceptionally busy days when it's just not feasible to get to a gym in the waking hours you have!

Doing something is always, always, infinitely times better than doing nothing. By moving your body, getting your heart pumping and blood flowing, you decrease 'brain fog', increase creativity, burn extra calories and increase mobility, as well as improving posture - but those five minutes to yourself are also a form of self-love, essential for any hectic day when your boss is shouting at you, or the kids are running around screaming.

This is my go-to sequence for when my days are busy; juggling clients, my business, and/or castings and shoots, sometimes an hour's session is just not in the cards for me. But what I can do is honour both body and mind by giving myself five minutes of the day to help me feel happy and energised, as well as keep me motivated to eat healthily and sustain a good exercise routine.



Full Body Energiser

60 high-knee runs on the spot
Plank with opposite arm-leg raise, 10 reps each side
Downward dog to push up flow, 15 reps

Repeat until the 5 minutes is up, go as fast as you can and try beat your run for next time!


Mindful Movement

1 minute Kickthroughs/Capoeira Kicks

90 second bear crawls, front and back

Side plank with leg lift, 30 seconds each side

Repeat twice.


I Am Empowered - strength in 5

Incline tricep push ups - 10 reps

Bodyweight glute thrusts - 15 reps, 3 second squeeze at the top with your glutes

Standing to crawls and push up, 10 reps

Plank walks, 20 reps (10 each side)

Set the timer for 5 mins. Do as much as you can.


I am Speed

Lateral Ski Jumps - 30 reps

Frogger jumps from Plank position - 40 reps

In-and-Out squat jumps, 12 reps

Sprint all out on spot, 25 seconds


Set the timer for 5 mins. Do as much as you can.