Four Talks to Get You Through Tough Times

Now more than ever, mental health resources are being pushed to their limit in an era where we apparently can afford innovative technology like Uber but lack the fundamental necessities to fund mental health carers, therapists, and coaches. Go figure. 

So when it comes to having bad episodes, or feeling alone in your pain, the outlook can seem sucky.

Luckily, the market has responded somewhat to this. (It's sorta depressing that it had to in the first place.) Now more than ever, we have vast sources of insights, thinkers and experts who all offer us similar services to that of a counsellor - and in some cases, they are often better as they have wisdom, life experience, and reach out to us in ways that a bureaucratic clinic may not.

We also have the choice of seeing what types of approaches work for us. Are you a whack out hippie who smokes dandelion leaves during the full moon but needs some 'reconnecting' and self-lovin'? There's no shortage of New Age spirituality to leave you feeling present again. Perhaps you're more of the scientific mind - more based on logic and argument, with less abstract analogies - to weed out the reasons behind your thought processes.

Whichever way you swing, looking after your mental health can be difficult in a day and age where proper resources are scarce - so, In Case of Emergency, break through your strife with some words of wisdom. (That was meant to be a hammer analogy, but whatever.)

The era of technology can be highly detrimental to mental health - but it can also help it. The power is in our hands and it's our responsibility to use it in a positive way. With that being said, here are some quick and handy pick-me-ups at your fingertips ready for when you have a low mental health day.


I absolutely adore Eckhart Tolle - his voice is basically caramelised inner peace, so perfect for listening before bedtime - and think he is an excellent example of someone who has used spiritual enrichment and enlightenment to come out of an incredibly dark time even stronger than ever. The way he describes his 'awakening' is beautiful and truly inspiring for anyone who is facing difficult, dark times ahead of them. I always pop this on whenever I feel my mind wander off to uncertainty and pain. 


Did you know this is one of the most popular TED talks? And for good reason, in my eyes - this talk is absolutely outstanding for those of you feeling insecure or uncertain with who you are, or for what you stand for - the truth is, when we are truly authentic and honest with ourselves, we become enormously powerful in so many more ways than we could ever imagine. It doesn't mean 'emotional vomit' nor telling your first date about that time you cried and developed abandonment issues because your dad accidentally flushed your first goldfish down the toilet - it's about owing your emotions, and actually becoming more stronger, empathetic, and a better human because of that genuine connection we make.


Alan Watts is an amazing philosopher and some of this ideas hark back to some of the Stoic thinkers and philosophers from ancient times. It can also be trips as balls listening to him so be prepared to be taken on a wild ride of the inner machinations of the human mind. This talk is amazing to help us accept suffering, and see how to face the most trying aspects of life (spoiler alert: it's actually surprisingly effortless, according to Watts!)


The heavyweights of modern day academics in my opinion, Jordan Peterson has made quite the name for himself not only in the sphere of discussion surrounding freedom of speech, but becoming one of the most articulate, intelligent and profound speakers on self-development, improving yourself and giving your life meaning. The way he is able to bring in so many beautiful analogies blows my mind and really gets me connected - and excited - the idea of personal responsibility, creating purpose, and being a good person. A perfect little watch after a stressful day when you feel like things are looking dim.