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As a Personal Trainer, I love helping my clients reach their fitness goals and improve their overall sense of wellbeing and self-development skills. Working with me isn't just about fat loss or muscle gain - I aim to improve your athletic performance so that you increase your self-confidence, reduce stress, and help improve your mental health in general. I combine the latest in sports science research with holistic methods to ensure you get the best bang for your buck and become the best version of yourself possible.

In terms of projects, collaborations, or work relating to The Cosmic Movement and its message, I am all ears! Just drop me a line and I'm certain we can find common ground for future potential work together.

What are my qualifications?


My fitness experience forms part of everything that I do. I am an official trainer for one of the most prestigious and influential wellness brand in London, Bodyism, in addition to be ing recently fully qualified for training Pre and Post-Natal populations. In addition, I am a certified Nutrition Coach, and am qualified to give nutrition advice out to my clients for those seeking body composition change in their fitness goals.

  • A qualified Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Trainer with LDN Muscle
  • Qualified Nutrition Coach with LDN Muscle
  • Previously worked alongside the Dan Roberts Group as a freelance trainer and instructor
  • Qualified Methodology X instructor, a workout specifically designed to tone up models and help retain their measurements
  • Qualified with HFE for their Pre and Post Natal Populations course

Who Have i worked with?

  • Working as part of the Dan Roberts Group as a trainer, learning from some of the most respected figures in the industry
  • Taking an 8-week long intensive course with Bodyism to further my knowledge, and subsequently become a part-time performance specialist there
  • Have been a freelance writer for Men's Health, debunking juice/detox myths for everyday fitness

Why Work with me?

My approach with clients is bespoke and never one-size-fits-all. I examine your current lifestyle, preferences, stress and sleep levels, and we tailor a program designed to not only help you get the results you want, bit also improve your mental wellbeing through increased body confidence, self-development, and looking at ways of dealing with life's obstacles and stresses when it comes to sticking to a fitness routine. My combination of scientific and holistic methods ensures that you aren't just training for abs or a strong butt - but for improving your life overall.



If you're interested in working with me either as a client or fellow industry member then just send an enquiry for further details or if you have any questions - consultations are free, and package deals are available upon request.

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