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Confidence. Prowess. Strength. These are all things not only found in the physicality of training itself, but in the mental, emotional and even spiritual development of the self as we undergo training.

As a Personal Trainer, there’s nothing else I love more than seeing the beaming faces of clients getting healthier, watching them improve emotional self mastery - and, of course, butt stuff.

How many times have you set off on your own fitness journey, only to fall flat on your face, feeling more discouraged than ever, and resolve a vow of abstinence against the squat rack?

(Fitness incels are totally a thing.)

Further, how much do you feel your mental health gets affected by this? Each time you struggle to make any progress, your brain seemingly whispers nastier and nastier things about you. Feeding old narratives. Creating emotional barriers.

It’s an uphill battle, but one you can and will win once you feel empowered.

And this is the aspect I take into account potentially the most when caring for my clients.

Working with me isn't just about fat loss or muscle gain - I aim to improve your athletic performance so that you increase your self-confidence, reduce stress, and help improve your mental health in general through the combined act of psychology and philosophy.

Sure, I might piss you off with the odd Nietzsche quote. I might inundate your Whatsapp with soliloquies.

But odds are, you’ll learn a little bit more about ethics, morality, and star stuff (oh, and butt stuff) with me than you will with your average PT.

The result? Better set of ethics, better understanding of consciousness - and a strong ass and goals accomplished.

In short: you’ll improve your health - as well as your life - a little bit more.

And when you’re happier and healthier, the people in your life will be, too.

Work with me. Let's work together to create some magic in this Universe. Let’s get you on your Hero’s Journey.

What are my qualifications?


When I’m not busy scouring the streets of Covent Garden for a vegan doughnut or three, you can find me working at Six3Nine studio, one of the most highly prestigious and well-respected personal training bases in London.

There, I learn, grow, and laugh with some of the most wonderful people set to roam this Earth and lift the heavy stuff.

It’s a privilege to say the least. And I have transferred the skillset and knowledge into my private clients, too.

Before my current home, I have trained a whole range of clientele at Bodyism, and worked alongside Dan Roberts, training many an actor, musician, model and all-round creative cool cats as my first gig in the fitness industry.

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty lucky - but also, worked my ass off.

Below are just some of the accolades I can happily say belong to me in conjunction with my chronic addiction for knowledge, leading me to some weird, wonderful and whimsical workshops and learning opportunities galore. Whether I attend a workshop or read through a good ol’ fashioned review paper, I love applying what my brain cultivates and use it in helping my client base.

  • A qualified Personal Trainer with LDN Muscle and the Personal Trainer Collective

  • Qualified Nutrition Coach with LDN Muscle

  • Previously worked alongside the Dan Roberts Group as a freelance trainer and instructor

  • Qualified Methodology X instructor, a workout specifically designed to tone up models and help retain their measurements

  • Qualified with HFE for their Pre and Post Natal Populations course

  • Writer for both Men’s and Women’s Health, as well as starring in both publications

  • Written for esteemed learning base, Lift The Bar

  • Client variety has been my thing, ranging from lawyers, students, and busy mums to athletes and Hollywood actors and models. I love learning from clients as much as they learn from me


Why Work with me?

Well, first off. I guarantee you won’t find a personal trainer out there who teaches her clients to counter toxic masculinity via the words of Marcus Aurelius.

(Seriously. Sue me, if you do find one.)

In all seriousness - simply put, my practice is the Venn diagram intersect of science and philosophy.

I’ll look at your movement. I’ll help you guide your dietary patterns to be much more mindful and aimed at your goals. I’ll help you train in a way that gets you feeling strong, confident, and helps reach your targets, be it aesthetic or performance-based. In short, using the science, I can get you feeling badass and brilliant in our sessions or online work together. Muscle gain or fat loss, I’m yo lady.

But the philosophy bit is where we really dig deep and do the work for that long-term, sustainable success.

We’ll delve into your mind a little bit and see what mindset barriers are hindering your fitness goals, personal development, and route to happiness.

We’ll incorporate the mental with the physical, with regular check ins to see how you’re getting on with your programme, both in muscle and in mind.

We’ll explore your why - why you came to me, why you want to lose weight, gain muscle, be more energetic or healthier, and why you want to feel better overall.

Because it’s your ‘why' that keeps you going. No matter how scientifically ‘perfect’ a programme is, it can never trump the human spirit and courage it takes to change or undertake your own journey.

And I want to make sure that you’re getting healthier for the long haul.



If you enjoy creation, pondering the bigger things in life, and are a fellow cosmic being and nerd, then come join the gang. Whether you’re a willing client, want to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase performance - or just want to collaborate, send me a message.

Let’s create something magical. Let’s leave this Universe a tiny bit better than when we entered it.

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